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The Coup

My 6 years of Exile were far from harmless. Sure, I wasn't actively involved in any wrong-doing and I devoted every day to the straight and narrow, but being absent from the lives of others had its drawbacks.

I don't think it was intentional. I don't think there was any malicious intent, ill-will, or bad-blood behind the bridges that slowly burned down over a period of years. Regardless of intent, one's interpretation, be it right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate, can shape everything in a friendship, a relationship, or a life.

My song, The Coup, addresses a few different scenarios of my life in which I felt betrayed. Perhaps I'm responsible.. I know, "betrayed" sounds a little harsh, doesn't it? But that's ultimately what transpired. There was an ample amount of blame to be dispersed among all parties involved. I know I have my fair share and I carried it daily for a long time. But I shouldn't have. God calls us to cast our burdens, anxieties, and worries upon Him (Psalm 55:22). In return, He promises to sustain us. It's easy to read a text like that and fully understand it. However, it's not as easy, I've found, to truly believe it.

I challenge you to analyze your life to determine what burdens you may be carrying. Perhaps you don't even know they're weighing you down. It's possible you've just grown accustomed to carrying the shortcomings of others, as well as your own failures. That's what I did, so I encourage you to lay them down. Don't allow yourself to orchestrate a coup against the values you hold true. Don't be your own worst enemy by being so focused on what other people are doing that you forget to keep your eyes transfixed on the cross (Hebrews 12:2).

If you haven't already heard The Coup, get your free copy of Exile below.

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