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"Friday Night Lights" Concert

Bane was blessed with the opportunity to perform at the "Friday Night Lights" concert series hosted by Promise Land Ministries in Crawfordville, Fl.   It was a great show with a lot of awesome youth living life the right way.  


Promise Land is a local home-church meeting people at their point of need for salvation, discipleship, substance-abuse, homelessness, hunger, yard work, repairs and many other needs.  They take advantage of each and every opportunity to serve the community and their faithful lives reflect Jesus' endless love and grace.  To learn more, follow the link to

Convergence Conference Concert

Convergence: the degree or point at which lines, objects, etc. converge.  For Tallahassee, the Convergence Conference consisted of various churches in the capital city converging for a night of service and worship.  With multiple speakers from different denominations, spoken word and hip hop artists, the conference was Spirit-filled from beginning to end.  Check out a few photos from the evening, including pictures with fans as well as stills from Bane's performance and Social Club's set.

Flavor Fest 2014

Bane had the chance to travel to Tampa, Florida for Flavor Fest 2014, the annual festival that "exists to train, equip, network and resource church leaders to better engage the Urban/Hip-  Hop Culture with the Truth of Christ."  In the midst of artists such as KB, Da Truth, Canton Jones, Jin and countless more, Bane was truly in good company.  Check out some of the stills captured from the conference and head over to for more information.


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